New Leadership delivering results for the wonderful diverse community of Skelmersdale

Anyone who knows me knows enough to know that I am by no means political.   I have no interest in the seemingly never-ending squabbles that is the bread and butter of party politics.   No matter what colour your rosette is, red, blue, orange, green,  the constant bickering about who has the right point of view and the childish behaviour of our leaders over the ballot box every day in Parliament would make anyone switch off.  


Yet recently, my views have changed.


Leadership is all about being accountable to those who elect you into office.   And when our leaders in West Lancashire council ignore repeated requests for meetings and to take part in a reasonable conversation about what is happening in our wonderful town, then I know in my heart that the time for change is right here, right now.


Every Voice Matters.


Where are our promised facilities?   Our new cinema, updated shopping complex, affordable homes, better public transport, real jobs and what has happened the fairy tale of a railway station?   Why should Skem be a second class town any more when neighbouring towns have so much?  Why are scarce public playing fields being fenced up and left to fall into disarray? 


If you believe in my simple message that Every Voice Matters, then please consider voting for me at the upcoming local elections.  I truly would value your support  

Carl Eaton
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